Tree Plantation

Afforestation is a method to establish a forest. It is a great way of making those lands greener which has been without forests for quite a time or none at all. It has a lot of benefits which can help both mankind and the environment.
In other words, it can have a positive impact on the environment and also reduce levels of carbon dioxide. However, if we do not practice it correctly, it will harm the species diversity and agriculture profits.
Advantages of Afforestation
The afforestation of afforestation outweighs its disadvantages. Nonetheless, we must practice is effective to not face the disadvantages.
Forest Rebuilding
When we cut down trees of a forest, we cause way too much damage to everything it comprises of. This cutting down happens for various reasons. We need wood, build homes and also for agricultural practices. All this results in loss of habitat, change in climate as well as the loss of biological diversity.
When we restore these areas, we allow these forests to naturally replenish over the course of time. One may also require planting only the native trees which once grew there. Similarly, it will also reverse the biodiversity losses which happened due to deforestation. It will also help in cleaning the atmosphere and restoring it to its former condition.

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