Rumit Vaghela

President & Co-Founder, Trustee

Rumit is a Web Developer by profession and Social worker by passion, the day we think of being Aatmanirbhar; Rumit and his team came up with this fantastic idea of establishing of NGO named “Seva Kalyan”, who works for different people, from different origin, from different religious for a purpose of Build an India, making India stronger and making India Aatmanirbhar,

Rumit is serving as a Co-founder and President of the Trust, where he is doing job of searching different rural areas, where there are still many people suffering for a food, water and electricity. Rumit will make sure that his team will try to diminish the problem and providing basic needs,

We are living in the society where we prey to Goddess but, never understand the importance of the Girl. Rumit is also working on “Beti Bachao, Beti padhao” mission.

' Don't dump, donate to poor '

Why dump them when there are millions of under-privileged people in this world struggling to get enough bread to live for the next day,