Harsh Patel

Secretary, Founder & Managing Trustee

A young and dynamic visionary who is currently working for a Swami Vivekanand Yuvak Board as influencer, who influence Youngster to serve the nation. He has expertise in marketing and delivering the ideas through social media and other platforms.

Furthermore, Harsh and Rumit came up with his idea of Seva Kalyan-One Step towards build India, he has started contributing in the Seva Kalyan as a Founder and secretary member of the trust.

He is being part of the chain working on delivering foods and clothes to the people. Regardless of, he is also working on categorizing the age groups according to their literacy level and preparing the ways of providing few guidance.

On the Other side, he is working on managing team with his skills by contributing work among the team members and working closely on the “Maa amrutam Yojana” and making sure that everyone who are directly and indirectly connected with NGO get Government benefits properly.

' Don't dump, donate to poor '

Why dump them when there are millions of under-privileged people in this world struggling to get enough bread to live for the next day.